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Trailers and Towing Regulations
  1. Type 1 trailer (unbraked) may not exceed 750 kg or 15 cwt (1680 lbs) or half of the kerbweight of the towing vehicle. Focus on the lesser of the two.

  2. Braked trailers must have a breakaway cable fitted and this must be attached to the towing unit in order to apply the trailer brakes should the trailer become separated from the towing vehicle.

  3. Unbraked trailers must have a secondary coupling device fitted and attached to the towing car.

  4. Secondary couplings and breakaway cables must not be looped over the tow ball.

  5. Type 2 trailers (Braked) may not exceed 3500 kg or 70 cwt (7844 lbs) maximum gross weight.

  6. 1982 regulations require that all trailers used on public roads must have the maximum gross weight and year of manufacture (where known) marked on the trailer.

  7. The manufacturers plate should be marked on the trailer and show the following information where known, for unbraked trailers:
  • Manufacturers details
  • Seriel Number
  • Model details
  • Date of manufacture
  • Number of axles
  • Maximum gross weight
  • Maximum nose weight
  1. For a towing unit under 3500 kg kerbweight the maximum dimensions of a trailer are 7.0 metres long excluding drawbar and 2.3 metres wide .                                                      
  2. For a towing unit over 3500 kg kerbweight the maximum dimensions of a trailer are 12 metres long excluding drawbar and 2.55 metres wide The combined length of the towing unit and the trailer must not exceed 18 metres.                                                        
  3. The maximum overhang to the rear of the trailer is 3.05 metres. An overhang on a trailer of between 1.0 and 2.0 metres must be marked with a visible marker. A piece of cloth tied to the overhang is suitable. An overhang of between 2.0 and 3.05 metres must be marked with a marker board and carry lights. An overhang of over 3.05 metres must be notified to the Police at least 48 hours before the load is moved and an attendant must be present.

  4. A long vehicle marker board is not required for light trailers.

  5. Speed limits for cars and van towing are:

  • 30 mph on roads that have street lighting unless signs indicate otherwise

  • 50 mph on single carriage ways unless signs indicate otherwise

  • 60 mph on dual carriage ways and three lane motorways and you may not use the right land lane of three lane motorways

  1. Trailers may only be towed by drivers that hold a full driving license with the appropriate groups held on that license. Drivers that obtained a full driving license after 01/01/1997 should check their license to ensure that they are able to tow the trailer of their choice as the groups were altered and new towing regulations were introduced at this time.